Depression Anxiety Recovery Program – Starting May 2022

Depression Anxiety Recovery Program – Starting May 2022

DARP – Depression Anxiety Recovery Program

Many of us will experience depression and/or anxiety at least once over our lifetime – though DARP is much more than just that, it will also help you to optimise your brain… so this is for anyone!

… I implemented the program and what a difference! I can’t recommend it enough – I got my life back!”. A.D., Auckland

Information Sessions will be held at the Church Hall – 12 Alpha Street, Papakura and also on Zoom:

  • Monday May 9 at 11.00am – at the Church Hall
  • Monday May 9 at 12.30pm – on Zoom
  • Monday May 9 at 6.00pm – at the Church Hall
  • Monday May 16 at 11.00am – at the Church Hall
  • Monday May 16 at 7.30pm – on Zoom

Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 882 0745 5221
Passcode: darpinfo

The DARP program starts on Monday 23 May at either 11.00am or 6.30pm; however, it is necessary to book in at one of the Information Sessions to attend the program… we have a great special at the moment – so, it will now cost $150.00 to do the DARP program!

Join us on Zoom for an Information Session to learn more about these challenges and more importantly, the way out – you’ll be glad you did:

  • Overcome depression and/or anxiety
  • Discover how to achieve a healthy sense of self-worth
  • Learn coping skills
  • Find the motivation and concentration to help achieve your goals
  • Help a friend/family member with depression
  • Prevent depression and and/or anxiety
  • Gain stress control
  • Achieve optimal mental health
  • Learn general health knowledge
  • Professional development
It is an 10 week program, covering the following topics:
  1. DAAT Test
  2. Identifying Depression and Its Causes
  3. Lifestyle Treatment for Depression
  4. Nutrition and the Brain
  5. How Positive Thinking Can Defeat Depression
  6. Positive Lifestyle Choices
  7. Stress Without Distress
  8. Living Above Loss
  9. How to Improve Brain Function
  10. Celebration Dinner

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